work platforms

Mast Climbers and transports (hoists) are an established
and proven product that can increase productiveness,
efficiency and safety on many scaffold projects.

Mast Climber


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In March of 2012 Chinook Scaffold Systems Ltd welcomed ABC FRACO Ltd as a division of the company. We now have access to mast climbing equipment and can distribute across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and into the territories.

Chinook Scaffold Systems Ltd's dedication to safety, quality, service and dependability with the innovative products of ABC FRACO Ltd are outmatched. Our ABC FRACO representative is Milan Vojnovich for British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

FRACO's mast-climbing platforms are multipurpose equipment in that they can satisfy virtually any of your scaffolding needs. FRACO platforms can be moved easily to desired heights eliminating extra strain and reducing costs by 30 to 40% by saving time, equipment and manpower. Furthermore, the platform is safer and more efficient than any traditional scaffolding systems.

For both Chinook Scaffold Systems and ABC FRACO safety and customer service is our priority. No matter how big or small the project, we provide the finest products and services, precise product management, and complete quality control. Thinking above and beyond what is possible to accomplish your goals within your requirements, ensuring your complete satisfaction is our everyday mission.

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